Welcome to the best country to eat a lot of TAPAS. You should go to some of the greatest places in Madrid, so we provide you a guide in order not to miss anything.

By Mercedes Peña

Goiko Grill

C/ Nuñez de Balboa 12, 28001

It is one of the favourite places for the enthusiasts of burguers! They offer for every kind of likes, keeping with the Spanish and Venezuelan influence of the beginnings of grilling. It covers from the Venezuelan Teques to the home speciality, the Kevin Bacon, bovine Spanish meat, natural and fresh. All their sauces are home-made avoiding all kind of food additives.


Platea Madrid

C/ de Goya 5-7, 28001

The biggest gastronomic and leisure centre in Europe. Around 6000 m2, two floors, three galleries and a patisserie area could be the secrets of its popularity. The space is divided in different areas offering various types of meals such as the Pintxoteka, Oído Cocina or Kinúa Perú Food. They offer a wide range of gastronomic options shared with live music shows.



C/ Columela 4, 28001

It is the coolest healthy food restaurant of Madrid. The demand for truly ecologic and high quality meals is increasing, and this is the best place for it. It is well known as “Fast haute-cuisine” because they provide their meals into a fast and informal way. You will love all their restaurants because of their really nice design and waiters’ treaty with the customers is very close. 


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